What is Taiwanese Rush?

The scientific name for Taiwanese rush is Schoenoplectus triqueter(L.)Palla. (common name: triangular rush).

As known as “mat grass”, Taiwanese rush belongs to the Cyperus genus, Cyperaceae family, and can grow up to the mature height of 120 to 180cm, and triple cropping per year.

(1) Irreplaceable living environment:
Yuanli Township, located in Miaoli County, is exceptionally gifted with Cyperus malaccensis, a material adept for craft-making with a  living environment that is exclusively restricted to the area Latitude N240 190–320 and Longitude E1200 330–430. Due to the small area to which its cultivation is confined, Yuanli Township possesses an irreplaceable living environment for Cyperus malaccensis.

(2)The uniqueness of rush
The stem of Cyperus malaccensis from Yuanli Township is in the shape of a regular triangle. Its features include:
1.the outer portion of the stem is tough yet pliable, meaning it’s easy to weave.
2.Rush fibre is delicate and skin-friendly with a smooth texture.
3.The large gap between stoma and cell causes higher hygroscopicity.
4.The strong and lasting smell could be used for deodorization, sterilization, and insect repellant.

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Aesthetic of Taiwanese Rush Weaving Pattern

Rush weaving was one of the precious skills among the women of Yuanli in the past, which was passed down from mother to daughter. Proud weaving hands contributed to the whole family, not only supporting itslivelihood, but also creating the unique patterns for which Taiwanese rush is known.

Initially, rush products were predominantly mats, hats and cushions, yet the moulding of hats has brought more diversity and choice. However, the most impressive part of rush weaving is that people can appreciate the vivid patterns formed by the bunch cross. It may be the simple Bottom I, the firm Bottom II, or the diaphanous mesh pattern. Based on the basic patterns above, more patterns are created, such as Pineapple Pattern, Feather Pattern, Rhombus Pattern, Plum Blossom Pattern, Rhombus Pattern, Net Pattern, Copper Coin Pattern, Purslane Flower Pattern, Turtle Shell Pattern, etc. All the patterns are the fruits of the hardwork of craftspeople, with all the little details reflecting their insistence in quality. 

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The Personal Touch, Preservation and Innovative Design

By introducing new concepts, integrating different skills and creating new patterns, the craft of Taiwanese rush weaving combines local particularity and historical memory in providing inspiration for new designs. Using all-natural materials, rush products meet growing demands for sustainable and ecological products design. Through a weaving process that is full of a craftperson’s earnest, patience and love, the value of touch is experienced again. Rush weaving supports Taiwan’s creative vitality, with the centuries-old industry being transformed in modern times into a vibrant and professional domain.


1.The personal touch: Local craftspeople add a personal touch to their rush woven products with their time-proven skillset, tying the craft sustainably to the local area.

2.Tradition extending: Regular triangular rush grows in the right place for the local residents weave it into mats, creating a prosperous industry that supports their livelihoods and those of their young children, to whom they will teach the craft. 

3.Innovative designing: A centuries old craft has recently been transformed with new methods and ideas, that create unique products and give rush weaving a new image

© Taiwan Yuan-Li Handiwork Association


© Taiwan Yuan-Li Handiwork Association